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Fabián Bustamante


Chicagoans: 311 is so last century. Tell Chicago what needs attention now straight from your Android device! Fixit! allows you to report what's broken, what needs cleaning or a simple check up so they can direct city resources where they're needed most. Go beyond reporting and get involved - Fixit! will occasionally ask you to check out reports submitted by other users to help the city determine which areas should be tended to first. Earn badges and social network recognition for your participation!

Fixit! was developed by AquaLab at Northwestern University, originally for theApps for Metro Chicago competition. Like the app? Please vote! 

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Fixit! is a mobile app (currently available for Android) that allows Chicagoans to report issues, such as public property damages, that require city attention. It automatically requests confirmation from participating citizen who are in the area and uses their responses to highlight critical reports while sifting out bogus or erroneous ones. In addition to the data its participants generate, Fixit! currently incorporates the feeds of three datasets from the Chicago Data Portal, allowing it to integrate with existing 311 services.