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The Apps 4 Metro Chicago IL is coming to an end with over 70 amazing entries, 3500 public votes, amazing collaborations and even more inspirational stories! Now the moment we have all been waiting for!

The A4MC Top 20 Grand Challenge Finalists are ….

The Public has Spoken! With over 1200 votes the public’s Top 5 Finalists in no particular order are…..


The Grand Challenge round of A4MC will have 20 finalists and 10 winners.  Of these twenty finalists, ten come from the first two rounds of the competition - transportation and community.  The top five finishers from those first rounds get a chance at the big time when they go back to the judges in the Grand Challenge.  While they won't be available in public voting (which starts tomorrow!), they might show up at our announcement of the winners on December 16th!

As a reminder, here they are:

Top 5 Transportation WInners


After a wonderful Transportation and Community Rounds the A4MC Grand Challenge has officially begun!!!  As Apps 4 Metro Chicago Illinois enters the final round the A4MC Team is striving to build on the amazing momentum, community support, and apps generated thus far!  This round there will be even more exciting great events (Hack Salons, Showcases, and Networking Opportunities).  There will be also be even more great special prizes encouraging the creation of apps tackling other key community issues, incorporating specific data sets, and/or using certain platforms.