Chicago Service Request Helper

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Brian Spiegel

Use this site to store additional information about a service request such as a picture, mapped location, and note.  A user can add and edit their own notes and view all existing notes, but personally identifiable information is not displayed.  The site has been pre-loaded with open requests for graffiti removal, tree debris, sanitation code compliants, potholes, and streetlights.


  • Create note
  • Add picture
  • Contact the city of Chicago (e.g. 311) to submit an official service request
  • If the city would find a picture, mapped location, or additional notes helpful, direct them to this site and provide note Id


  • This site is not affliated with the city of Chicago and does not submit requests to the city.
  • Notes more than 90 days old are automatically deleted.
  • For questions or suggestions, contact [email protected]
  • For information on the source code, see


Community Explanation: 

If a resident or visitor is walking around and sees an issue that needs the attention of the city, they can use this site to store a picture, location, and note.  When they call the city, they can reference this information and provide the city with an opporunity to view this information as well.  Using a picture can help clarify the issue to another person.  Also, a mapped location can be more precise than a street address, especially for large buildings or areas where there are no buildings around.