Chicago Local Guide

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"Dominique Lucas, Inc."

Chicago artists, parties, sport events, restaurants, food trucks and more!

Chicago Local Guide: Calendar of EVENTS, Food Trucks, ART galleries, culture, points of interest, sports and more.

Follow your favorite events on Twitter with #hashtags already included, share using Facebook, Email, SMS and other applications.

Great application to walk around the city and read the descriptions of the famous buildings and monuments.

We are following all major food trucks in the city, make sure to tweet with geo-location enabled and we will should your posts on the map!

Best application if you live, or you plan to visit Chicago.

Previously known as Chicago App.


Download the app for free on the Android market:

Community Explanation: 

Chicago Local Guide is everything the tourists need to enjoy their trip as well as a day to day guide for the city residents. 

Our app represents the Chicago Art Comunity giving them free exposure and supporting with promotion.

Residents can get good use of the Chicago Metra functionality which is easy to use and very intuitive, as you just choose inbound to Chicago or Outbound from Chicago and the app displays the closest stations with their schedules. Users can also mark stations as favorites as well as teh station where they have their car parked.

The whole community of Chicago can benefit from the app's Events, either its attendees or organizer who can e-mail us and ask to publish their event for free having exposure to 7,000 users.
We cover all the social life of Chicago showing sport, parties, art, social media, festivals, markets, business, technology, and even Chicago Chamber of Commerce events. 

Spotting, using the augmented reality shows you at any point in Chicago, what palces you can find around, displaying distance, type, description and instructions how to get there. Its very usefull for both visitors (architectural tours), as well as for residents to find places like parks, police stations, restaurants, libraries and many more... 

We are trying to help the Chicago comunity to have the acess to any information they need and also to share about Chicago culture and art, support young artists, events and community organizers.

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