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SpotHero is a new online business platform that efficiently connects parking demand and parking supply.  We partner with major parking lot operators (Ampco/System, Central, LAZ) and individuals to allow parking spot owners to earn income by renting their spot when it’s unoccupied.  They can list their spot on our website for specific days, times and events.  Parking seekers (buyers) can visit our website and conveniently browse spot availabilities, compare prices, reserve their preferred spot, and know their exact parking destination before arrival.  The SpotHero process spares them time, hassle and unnecessary cost.       

We can service individual property owners as well as large parking lot operators.  SpotHero’s prepaid reservations platform will benefit large operators in the forms of increased occupancy, revenues and cash flow.  The current system is flawed because major lots operate at 85% capacity at peak times, and those rates fall to under 20% at evening hours.  A system like SpotHero will bring more users to exisitng structures, keeping more cars off the streets and avoiding congestion that builds due to parkers seeking available street parking options.

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Our app allows residents and visitors to enjoy everything the city has to offer by helping them solve their parking issues ahead of time.  Our customers are telling us that they love our service and wish that there were more options all over the city. 

Christine Lagos of the Northern Chicago Suburbs said, "I was VERY pleased with the service and glad to have found it for our trip to the city this weekend for the Festival of Lights. It gave me a peace of mind knowing beforehand where we were going to park, not to mention that it was easy, convenient, and the price was great! Thank you! I am definitely recommending your site and service to my friends."

SpotHero helps make traveling around the city more convenient and affordable, all while leveraging underutilized parking supply all over the city.


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